PNWGP Internet Routing Registry Database Use Policy

The following text outlines the Pacific Northwest Gigapop’s (PNWGP) policy regarding client usage of an Internet Routing Registry (IRR) database. This policy only applies to transit clients of the Pacific Northwest Gigapop that are using the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).

PNWGP will require all clients receiving transit to the Commodity Internet and Internet2 to have all of their routes registered in a publicly available Internet Routing Registry.

  • ALL routes that BGP clients of the PNWGP wish to be announced to AS101 transit providers ( the Internet, and Internet2 ) MUST be registered in an Internet Routing Registry.
  • PNWGP uses the RADB, so the IRR that your organization selects must be the RADB, or an IRR that the RADB project is mirroring.
  • ALL BGP clients of the PNWGP must inform the PNWGP Network Operations Center of the name of the Internet Routing registry object that the PNWGP should incorporate into our macro. If the client network is not itself providing transit to another BGP network, the name of this object is likely only your Autonomous System number. However in the event that the client of PNWGP is providing transit to other autonomous systems, then an AS-SET object will need to be provided.
  • Client changes to either their IRR object or routes that are described within the object will be processed on the following schedule:
    • Changes in a client’s IRR object, such as renaming or replacement, will be processed within one business day from when the change request is acknowledged by the PNWGP Network Operations Center.
    • Filter updates from IRR data will take place every business day, as needed. PNWGP resynchronizes our data daily from the IRR sources.
  • Failure to register your routes or your clients’ routes may result in your Internet connectivity being impaired until the routes are registered and all of the PNWGP upstream providers update their filters (this is usually a daily event, early in the morning).
  • General information about Internet Routing Registries, including some tutorials, can be found at:

  • If you have any questions about this policy, please forward them to the PNWGP NOC at or +1 206-934-5580.