Pacific Wave International Peering Exchange Service

Pacific Wave

Pacific Wave is a service provided Pacific Northwest Gigapop in partnership with CENIC (Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California). Pacific Wave peering services offer excellent opportunities to

  • Pass IP traffic directly with other major national and international networks, including U.S. federal agencies and many Pacific Rim R&E networks
  • Reduce costs associated with IP traffic that would otherwise transit commercial carrier circuits
  • Increase efficiency by directing traffic as quickly as possible to the target network/organization, reducing the number of ‘hops’ required to complete for the data to get to its destination.

Many Pacific Rim R&E networks as well as US Federal agencies are available for peering at Pacific Wave. List of current Pacific Wave participants.

Connection options available: 10GbE and GbE.

Once connected to Pacific Wave, all Pacific Wave participants will peer with the Pacific Northwest Gigapop and its affiliated networks including the University of Washington. All other peering arrangements are made directly between the participants—no contact or set-up is required by the Pacific Northwest Gigapop staff. You peer with whom you want, when you want.

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