PNWGP Design

The PNWGP is a state of the art facility for delivering advanced Internet services and applications. This includes providing connectivity to next generation, high-performance national networks such as National LambdaRail and Internet2, as well as federal mission networks such as DREN and ESNet. PNWGP was the first Gigapop in the country to offer OC-48 (2.4Gbps) packet-over-sonet (POS) services to partners and the first to connect to Internet2 at 10G.

The PNWGP presently has high performance research network connections as follows:

  • 10GE connection to the Internet2 backbone
  • 10GE connection to Internet2 ION optical network
  • 10GE connection to National LambdaRail backbone (Framenet and PacketNet)
  • 10GE connection to TransitRail
  • 10GE connection to Pacific Wave International R&E Network Peering & Exchange supporting peerings with over 20 national and international R&E and federal mission networks.

In addition, there are 2x10GE vendor-diverse connections to the commodity Internet.

Equipment, circuits, and monitoring capabilities are distributed in Seattle between the Westin building (a large downtown telecommunications hub) and the University of Washington’s regional networking and computing support facility on its Seattle campus, with UW-owned and operated fiber connecting the two facilities.

The PNWGP provides multiple connectivity services providing its participants access to ultra high speed, reliable connectivity. PNWGP is:

  • The Pacific Northwest’s access point to the nation’s leading edge, high-bandwidth, next-generation Internet networks including Internet2, National LambdaRail, high-performance federal nets, and high-performance commodity Internet offerings
  • A state of the art, super high-speed and low latency peering and exchange point for networks interconnecting via the Pacific Wave International Peering Services and/or the PNWGP
  • An Next Generation Internet testbed and R&D site enabling and inviting local and national testbed and project participation
  • A single connection point that provides cost effective access to the major national commodity Internet Service Providers (ISPs), as well as to ‘aggregation pools’ and mechanisms that ensure alternate data paths, data paths with especially high quality end-to-end performance for specific applications, and links to partners.

By providing a regional connection point to and interconnection point among the research and commodity high-performance networks including leading edge national and international testbeds, the PNWGP and its world class partners remain at the forefront of cutting edge research, educational opportunities, business competitiveness, telemedicine, and economic development, while enjoying as a result exceptionally cost effective high-speed network access and exchange.