People of the PNWGP

Board of Directors
Steve Smith (University of Hawaii) — Chair & President
Ron Johnson (University of Washington) — Vice President
Andrew J. Connally (University of Washington)- Secretary
Brad Greer (University of Washington)
David Longanecker (WICHE) – Treasurer
Bob Thompson (retired, Georgia Institute of Technology)

Executive Staff
Amy Philipson — Executive Director
Jonah Keough — Managing Director
Tavia Blume — Director, Accounting

Advisory Council (about)
Karl Kowalski (Univesrity of Alaska) – Chair
Robert Aylward (University of Wyoming)
Lois Brooks (Oregon State University)
Dan Ewart (University of Idaho)
Ron Hood (Center for Infectious Disease Research)
Marilyn Hay (BCNET)
John McCoy (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Jason Refsland (Seattle Science Foundation)
Sasi Pillay (Washington State University)
Tony Opheim (Washington State University)
Kim Owen (North Dakota State University)
Russell Richards (NOAA-Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory)
Matt Riley (University of Montana)
Mike Scroggins (Washington K20 – Community Colleges)
Jerry Sheehan(Montana State University)
John Silvester (University of Southern California and CENIC)
Rand Simmons (Washington K20 – Libraries)
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Gonzaga University