Contracts, Grants and Initiatives

In pursuing these public interest technology driven service and infrastructure agendas the Pacific NorthWest Gigapop continuously seeks opportunities to collaborate with other research, education, clinical economic development, outreach, human services, governmental and technology transfer organizations on contract and grant opportunities. If you have an idea and funding opportunity you would like to work with us on please contact us to talk it over!

Also, occasionally the Pacific Northwest Gigapop itself makes awards, grants and enters into similar contracts, subcontracts or sub-awards. If you have an idea you believe would be mutually beneficial for us to fund, or for us to pursue funding together on, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  In so doing, please do note that while we are open to innovation and approach problems with a mentality of flexibility, the Pacific Northwest Gigapop has an absolute and unwavering policy on any and all awards, grants and contracts: The policy is that the Pacific NorthWest Gigapop does not and will not pay any form of institutional overhead or indirect costs under any circumstances. As this conflicts with some organizations’ approaches please take this absolute policy of ours into consideration in any proposals you make to Pacific NorthWest Gigapop.

Note: From time to time the Pacific Northwest Gigapop makes awards, grants and enters into contracts.   In so doing, The Pacific Northwest Gigapop policy on awards, grants and contracts is that it will not pay any form of institutional overhead or indirect costs.