Conditions of Use

Pacific Northwest Gigapop (PNWGP) participants will not use the Service in such a manner that

  • Jeopardizes the proper technical operation of the PNWGP network or infrastructure
  • Violates the Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) or Conditions of Use (“CoU”) of an upstream PNWGP network provider as reported by that provider
  • Jeopardizes the resources of other PNWGP participants as reported by those participants
  • Jeopardizes the PNWGP’s or UW’s reputation or the ability of either entity to conduct business in the manner to which it is accustomed.

Any instance of the preceding shall be defined as a “Prohibited Activity.” In the event of a Prohibited Activity, PNWGP will make reasonable best efforts to contact the Participant’s designated representatives. In addition, PNWGP may take any appropriate corrective action–including the suspension of the offending or threatening connection–that it deems is warranted. PNWGP’s participants acknowledge PNWGP as the sole arbiter with respect to the forgoing.